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Ancient Music in the Netherlands

The Dutch Study Group on Music Archaeology (NWM) was set up in 1996 by Dr. Martin van Schaik in order to participate in the international research and discussion of music archaeology, and to contribute to related questions in ancient music history. Because there is no musicological department in the Netherlands that is dealing with this field of study it is also the aim of the Study Group to co-ordinate and to register Dutch activities.

Since 1996 several Study Group contributions were made to international meetings, such as the 16th Congress of the International Musicological Society in London, 1997; 1st Symposium of the International Study Group on Music Archaeology at Monastery Michaelstein, Blankenburg (Germany), 18-24 May, 1998; 9th Meeting of the Study Group for Musical Iconography, Dion (Greece), 15-20 September 1998; the exhibition Mensen, Mythen en Muziek (‘People, Myths and Music’) about ancient Greek music, Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam, 1999; and the ‘ Terpander International Conference’, Skala Eressos, Lesbos (Greece), 24-26 August, 2000. (See Papers). Next contributions are scheduled to the 5th Symposium of the International Study Group on Music Archaeology on ‘ Challenges and Objectives in Music Archaeology’ 19-23 September 2006, Ethnological Museum of Berlin. 

In June 2005 also a cooperation has been started between the department of Ur- und Frühgeschichte of the University of Innsbruck and the Study Group (NWM) in case of the decorated peg-arm of a stringed musical instrument (probably a harp) found at a recent excavation of Fritzens (Austria).

Actual finds in the Netherlands regarding ancient music are scarce and for the most part dating from the Roman Period A.D. and the Middle Ages. As a result, the present Dutch field of research (within and without the Study Group NWM) is not directed at the finds in the Netherlands only, but is dealing with topics related to historical aspects of other geographical regions as well:

Musical instruments in the Netherlands from the Roman Period and the Middle Ages

Dr. Martin van Schaik

Dutch Study Group on Music Archaeology, Utrecht.

See my bibliography.


Mrs. Annemies Tamboer 

- Collecting data on ancient and medieval musical instruments. 

See Opgedolven Klanken. Archeologische muziekinstrumenten van alle tijden. Zwolle 1999. 

Music in ancient Greece, particularly of the Cycladic and Minoan Cultures

Dr. Martin van Schaik 

Dutch Study Group on Music Archaeology, Utrecht.

See my bibliography.

Dance in the ancient Greek world

Prof. Dr. Frederick G. Naerebout

See Imago Musicae XVIII/XIX (2001/02): 59-83.

Assyrian music and notation

Drs. Theo Krispijn

University of Leiden.


For privacy reasons telephone numbers, e-mail and post addresses of the specialists are only available on request at the Dutch Study Group on Music Archaeology.

More information concerning Ancient and Medieval Music in the Netherlands can be found in the Dutch Newsletter  >> KLANKBORD  <<





Detail of a decorated Pan pipe. Found at the Waalsprong Building Excavation to the south of Nijmegen in 2001. Roman (1st century A.D.)



Depiction of an Ice-Age flute of mammoth ivory found in a cave of  Blaubeuren (Schwäbische Alp) in 2004. Württembergischen Landes-

museum, Stuttgart  (Ca. 35,000 B.C.)



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